architecture + real estate development

With a European background and solid experience revealing a proven track record in real estate development on an international level, Designology is a key consulting partner, a catalyzer for the realization of highly profitable, highly-demanded, unique, signature real estate development projects from infancy until complete sell-out.


The Founder Ezgi Fitos, is a multi-award winning international architect and developer with 20 years of professional experience in design, development and marketing of multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings and high-end single-family homes.

DESIGNOLOGY and EZGI FITOS ARCHITECTS was honored in London, UK at the International Property Awards with two prestigious awards for their project CASA POMPEI in Miami “Best Architecture-Single Residence, Florida” and ”Best Residential Property, USA”.

The founder, Ezgi Fitos is a hybrid professional who has combined architectural practice with all aspects of project development including international marketing & sales operations and management and has accomplished projects in Turkey, Italy and the USA.


Ezgi was the founding partner of Botam Qualitas, a leading developer on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. She formed a joint venture with Botam Construction Group and Qualitas was born to develop unique residential and touristic projects along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey for a discerning international, predominantly European clientele. The young company has delivered two award-winning landmark projects and became the market leader in less than 3 years of operation.




Quoting Steve Jobs: “Some people say, "Give the customers what they want." But that's not my approach. Our job is to figure out what they're going to want before they do. I think Henry Ford once said, "If I'd asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, 'A faster horse!'" People don't know what they want until you show it to them. That's why I never rely solely on market research. Our task is to read things that are not yet on the page.”

I am motivated with 'original ideas'. Only original ideas will supply the fuel to ‘enthusiasm’ that is contagious. I believe that enthusiasm is a key element to excite and inspire the people around you whether they are business partners, associates, co-workers or clients.
"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPÉRY"

biophilic design

Designology is dedicated to co-produce contemporary, minimalist yet sophisticated projects that combine design aesthetics with cost-effective, functional and smart solutions in order to meet the exacting requirements of the target market.


We believe it is essential to have a creative fine-tune in the commercial (sales & marketing) activities and a commercial fine-tune in the creative (design & architecture) activities in order to optimize the development projects for ultimate success.

sustainable architecture

We are a full-service architecture + interior design + build firm with a commitment to improving the built environment through responsive design and sustainability in construction.


Sustainable architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.


Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature. Biophilic designed buildings incorporate things like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features and other elements for creating a more productive and healthy built environment for people.


Real Estate Development Consulting


Whether our clients are searching for a specific property to fit their needs or looking to sell, develop or build on currently owned property, we provide the professional real estate development expertise and guidance that ensures the success of your venture.


As real estate developers, realtors, contractors and consultants we put our extensive resources and experience to work and become a “value added” advantage to you and your project. Our open book approach provides a transparent understanding of the cost involved and enables us to implement real solutions that work within the project scope and budget. We possess the vision and skills to lead your project from concept through completion and beyond.

• Project feasibility studies
• Site evaluation, selection and acquisition
• Create project pro-formas
• Entitlements and permitting
• Assemble development team
• Review and negotiate contracts with engineers, architects, contractors, attorneys and project consultants

• Site and plan reviews

• Review cost estimates
• Lead Value Engineering of project with development team
• Act as fiduciary to owner
• Project management and supervision
• Post construction follow up and services
• Real Estate solutions

our deliverables
  • Residential real estate industry benchmark research
  • Target markets research
  • Based on above data and targets:
       Unit mix analysis, unit layout planning, amenity programming, selection of finishes and fixtures
  • Structuring of a solid pricing strategy
  • Preparation of the entire digital and printed marketing package including presentations,websites, brochures coherent with the design concept and the potential target markets
  • Establishing alternative international marketing and sales channels
  • Catalyzing sales and profitability
  • Gathering collective investor groups
  • Developing upselling and cross-selling strategies with a view to increase profitability and enhance customer service experience

Step 1

Project assessment and financial analysis

We will perform a strategic review of any preliminary studies, planning and diligence information that will result in a financial framework for your development.
We will also aid in establishing business, site and program principles to develop a custom financing package.

• Site selection, analysis and evaluation
• Market and due diligence assessment
• Entitlement and zoning analysis
• Preliminary financial structuring, budgeting and modeling
• Evaluate project viability

Step 2

Development planning, programming and marketing

We will formalize the vision for the project by establishing goals for the design, budget and timeline as well as a marketing strategy that positions the project for long-term success.

• Project design and financial programming, visioning and master planning
• Budget and schedule development
• Land acquisition strategy
• Marketing strategy development
• Third-party vendor management

Step 3

Development and design team coordination

Utilizing design oversight as a tool to ensure project goals are achieved, we will assist in the selection of consultants that share the design and budgetary vision.

• Design team procurement and oversight
• Zoning/entitlement/permitting assistance
• Deliver method guidance
• Budget refinement and schedule
• Design scope of work refinement

Step 4

Pre-construction and Construction

We will assist in construction partner selection; finalize budget certainty, debt and equity financing, scheduling and permitting; and work as an integral part of the construction observation team to ensure a timely completion within budget.

• Construction partner procurement selection
• Constructability review
• Cost, budget, schedule, quality assurance and quality control (QAQC), document controls
• Day-to-day project management including owner-architect-contractor (OAC) relations
• Owner and contractor draw request
• Value engineering management

Step 5

Project Completion and Close-out

We will collect and turn over product operations and maintenance manuals, coordinate staff training and oversee marketing and business plans to prepare the development for long-term operation.

• Construction contract closeout management
• Construction loan closeout management
• Regulatory review management


holistic design approach

Our extensive experience in a number of market areas and holistic approach to projects, allows us to extend our scope of design services beyond architecture. These services include architectural and interior design, material supply and installation and low voltage systems and smart home integration.


Our architecture celebrates conceptually bold design, deliberate eloquence, graceful simplicity in order to better our collective experiences of space and place-making. Sustainability and biophilic design is at the core of each authentic concept developed. We solve rigorous design problems, driven by our guiding principle that architecture can transform lives. The studio is known for two things: our preference for social and humane architecture, and iconic projects that benefit from our sustainable technical strategies and extensive knowledge of materials.

Rooted in our multidisciplinary background, we seek to blur the boundaries between building and nature through our hallmark approach of integrating light as a unifying theme. Each design opportunity is informed by previous projects and expertise, which allows us the latitude to conduct new research, challenge traditional expectations, and ask bigger questions in order to build inspired and spirited architecture.


We nimbly navigate each step of the building’s design and execution: from the conceptual framework uniquely inspired by each client, to thoughtful, agile and tenacious project management, through to the final construction. The results are distinct, evocative, sustainable and enduring buildings, customized for a range of collaborative experiences that address each client’s particular needs.



interior design

material supply

low voltage systems

smart home integration

interior design + build

For us, interior design is a seamless extension of architecture, with both processes intertwined and interdependent. Interior design solutions are co-developed with the architecture to reinforce a coherent overall design intent. Our capabilities and experience include the ability to work with an owner to select furniture, fixtures, and equipment (F,F,&E) as well as interior materials, colors, and complementary elements such as artwork.


As deliverables to communicate the interior design, we typically produce a material boards that allows the owner to see and touch the proposed materials. We incorporate exterior materials to reinforce the design coherency.



Having a European background, we have close ties with top Italian manufacturers and source our building materials such as porcelain and mosaic tiles, kitchens, closets, libraries and wall units, media cabinets, bathroom fixtures and fittings, doors and all furnishings directly from Italy.


This lends us a huge competitive advantage in terms of knowledge of materials, customizations, trends and exceptional value.


Having a European background, we have close ties with top Italian manufacturers and source our building materials such as porcelain and mosaic tiles, kitchens, closets, libraries and wall units, media cabinets, bathroom fixtures and fittings, doors and all furnishings directly from Italy.


This lends us a huge competitive advantage in terms of knowledge of materials, customizations, trends and exceptional value.


Designology (Design+Technology) has particular expertise in the fusion of lighting design and the incorporation of natural daylighting. In addition to selecting fixtures, we utilize cutting edge software to simulate light output and color temperature of fixtures as well as the effects of natural light on an interior space. Comprehensive low voltage systems and smart home integration are elements to complement our work and included in the wide array of services we have the capacity to offer in-house.


real estate services

We are full-service real estate agents.

Real estate and architecture: why architects make great agents?

Here’s a look at what architects can bring to the table.


Being knowledgeable about common residential architecture styles, keeping up with the latest trends in home design and curb appeal, and understanding the cost vs. value impact of various remodeling projects helps clients tremendously.


A realtor with a background in architecture may particularly appeal to clients interested in renovation projects or those who are looking for a vacant lot to build a custom home.


Architects have the training needed to inspect and evaluate the bare bones of a property and can make valuable suggestions to clients about everything from plumbing to extensions. They have experience with aesthetic judgments, making them qualified to offer unique suggestions to clients when it comes to building proposals.


Many buyers are also interested in sustainable processes, which an architect may have specific knowledge of in terms of energy conservation and recyclable, eco-friendly materials.

Whether our clients are searching for a specific property to fit their needs or looking to sell, develop or build on currently owned property, we provide the professional real estate development expertise and guidance that ensures the success of your venture.

real estate investments


What is equity investing?


Equity investment is a financial transaction in which an investor invests alongside us and obtains a direct financial interest in a piece of real estate and in exchange receives a proportionate share of all the benefits associated with owning real estate.

Partner Vs. Investor Approach
Invest alongside us, building a future together.
  • We specialize in residential and mixed-use multifamily developments, opportunistically shifting our focus from one specialty to another in order to capitalize on market inefficiencies as they present themselves.
  • We approach each investment opportunity through the perspective of our investors, because we are one!
  • We strive to make everything from the process of investing to deal analysis easy for the investors to understand.
  • We shun complicated industry jargon and focus on what truly matters to our investors.
  • We handle everything for you step by step, making your investment completely passive.
  • We find the deal.
  • We underwrite the deal thoroughly to ensure it provides safe and suitable returns.

Multi strategy approach:

Multifaceted strategic approach to investing provides flexibility and agility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Partner vs investor approach:

Those who invest with us enjoy the benefits of being a partner, which means you take a fixed ownership position that cannot be diluted. Its equity, not a loan.

Simplicity and transparency:

We make investing easy by removing complicated jargon and concepts offering an easy to understand streamlined approach to investing.

Alignment of interests:

We personally invest in every deal, which creates an alignment of investment interests between ourselves and our partner-investors.

Innovation & Adaptation:

We are at the forefront of technology and innovation in the commercial real estate space, and the leader in offering a modern and easy investing platform in an antiquated industry.

We don’t find opportunities, we create them.

How we do it....

Our team has developed a nationwide network of several hundred real estate brokers and continues to build upon our network everyday to source the top 1% of opportunities. Our expansive network delivers off-market opportunities (i.e. opportunities that are not yet available to the general public), as our network of brokers rely on our professional experience and reputation for closing deals and closing quickly. We receive and review these offerings on a daily basis.

Each opportunity is processed through our proprietary underwriting system, paying specific attention to accuracy of information, potential value add strat- egies, capital requirements, and historical sale and lease comps. Each oppor- tunity is carefully scrutinized by multiple members of our acquisition team before being assigned a HansonEP Score. Only the very best opportunities proceed to Phase Ill – Offer and Negotiation.

A letter of intent (“LOI’)is prepared by our in-house legal team and delivered to the seller or selling broker. Terms are frequently negotiated including purchase price, length of due diligence period, amount of earnest money and contingen- cies. Our in-house legal team is intimately involved in the negotiation of the LOI, and we always remain committed to our underwriting analysis. Those opportunities that are successfully negotiated proceed to the execution of a purchase and sale agreement (“PSA”), which is drafted, negotiated and approved by our in-house legal team.

Once the PSA is executed, our acquisition team transitions into the due diligence phase immediately. Due diligence varies depending on the opportu- nity but typically includes multiple physical inspections of the property, obtain- ing and reviewing reports from third party vendors (e.g. architects, environ- mental experts, title company, etc.), verifying information presented by the seller or selling broker (e.g. reviewing tenant lease agreements, current rent roll, utility bills, tax records, etc.), and revising the underwriting analysis to confirm project feasibility. Our team’s 50+ combined years of experience in real estate is leveraged to ensure that every detail regarding the opportunity is uncovered and considered before the close of the due diligence period.

We leverage our banking connections to secure the best debt possible for each opportunity. Our in-house counsel forms a new entity, drafts all associated entity documentation, collaborates with local counsel, securities attorneys, tax professionals and others to ensure strict compliance with the law and regula- tions. During this phase we procure all committed capital from our equity part- ners. All of this while working hand in hand with the Title company to success- fully close the transaction.

We use our expertise along with the experience and skill sets of key partners in our industry to execute our vision. Whether we are making physical improve- ments, revamping management, repurposing the asset or developing from the ground up, this Phase is where value is added to the asset.

Our experience has resulted in our ability to ensure proper reserves, risk man- agement, and financial controls to provide consistent, predictable cash flow to our investors. We utilize only the best property managers to assist us in the day to day operations of the assets. We then consistently report back to our inves- tors on progress throughout the entire journey.

When the time is right, and when we hit or surpass our profit targets, we move forward with a refinance or sale of the property in order to return capital to our investors. At this point the cycle starts over and we provide new opportunities to help our investors continue to grow their wealth.

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