Nucleus Living

Miami Florida


Nucleus is a mixed-use urban development. Nucleus is designed to serve the exact needs of young families looking to reside in Miami’s urban core. Miami’s growing population owing to companies moving their headquarters to Miami creates a great value generator for such a project.

Nucleus is located in Miami’s urban core.

Zoning data:
As it is a transit-oriented-development zone as part of the Miami SMART plan, the zoning regulations of the City of Miami is allowing for parking reductions. This helps to maximize the livable square footage in the building.


Nucleus’ target market is new families. The scarcity of the single-family homes in Miami’s centrally located suburbs and the recent soaring prices are making it really hard for new families to buy a SFH. A condominium or an apartment building answering the needs of the young families would be a great service to the community. 

Building amenities:

Building amenities are designed as commercial units which contribute to the rental income of the building.
– Pool with a splash pad
– Pre-school built-to-suit
– An after-care facility
– Co-working office space for parents
– Private Gym
– Family-friendly restaurant/grocery store
– Shaded outdoor children’s play area

Residential unit index:
98 apartment units

Unit distribution:

2-bed 2-bath approx. 950 sqft (33%)
3-bed 2-bath units approx. and 1250 sqft. (33%)
4-bed 2-bath units approx. 1550 sqft. (33%)

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Equity investment is a financial transaction in which an investor invests alongside us and obtains a direct financial interest in a piece of real estate and in exchange receives a proportionate share of all the benefits associated with owning real estate.

Partner Vs. Investor Approach
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A letter of intent (“LOI’)is prepared by our in-house legal team and delivered to the seller or selling broker. Terms are frequently negotiated including purchase price, length of due diligence period, amount of earnest money and contingen- cies. Our in-house legal team is intimately involved in the negotiation of the LOI, and we always remain committed to our underwriting analysis. Those opportunities that are successfully negotiated proceed to the execution of a purchase and sale agreement (“PSA”), which is drafted, negotiated and approved by our in-house legal team.

Once the PSA is executed, our acquisition team transitions into the due diligence phase immediately. Due diligence varies depending on the opportu- nity but typically includes multiple physical inspections of the property, obtain- ing and reviewing reports from third party vendors (e.g. architects, environ- mental experts, title company, etc.), verifying information presented by the seller or selling broker (e.g. reviewing tenant lease agreements, current rent roll, utility bills, tax records, etc.), and revising the underwriting analysis to confirm project feasibility. Our team’s 50+ combined years of experience in real estate is leveraged to ensure that every detail regarding the opportunity is uncovered and considered before the close of the due diligence period.

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We use our expertise along with the experience and skill sets of key partners in our industry to execute our vision. Whether we are making physical improve- ments, revamping management, repurposing the asset or developing from the ground up, this Phase is where value is added to the asset.

Our experience has resulted in our ability to ensure proper reserves, risk man- agement, and financial controls to provide consistent, predictable cash flow to our investors. We utilize only the best property managers to assist us in the day to day operations of the assets. We then consistently report back to our inves- tors on progress throughout the entire journey.

When the time is right, and when we hit or surpass our profit targets, we move forward with a refinance or sale of the property in order to return capital to our investors. At this point the cycle starts over and we provide new opportunities to help our investors continue to grow their wealth.

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